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February 15, 2024

Start to End Process of Varmala Preservation

Preserving your varmala is more than just a task; it’s an endeavor to immortalize fleeting moments into everlasting memories. Let’s delve into the comprehensive process, ensuring your varmala remains a cherished symbol of love and celebration.

Drying the Varmala:

    • Methods of Drying: Explore diverse drying techniques, from natural ventilation to silica gel use. Refer to our detailed guide on “How to Dry Flowers for Varmala Preservation” for insights.

Pick-Up and Moisture Check:

    • Doorstep Pick-Up: Our team ensures seamless collection from your doorstep once your varmala is ready.
    • Meticulous Moisture Check: Before advancing, we meticulously inspect to eliminate residual moisture.

Frame Selection and Personalization:

    • Choosing the Frame: Collaborate with our experts to select the perfect frame that matches your style and preferences.
    • Personalization Options: Determine personalization extent, considering frame size, mounting preferences, and additional customizations.

Separation for Preservation:

    • Selecting Preservation: Depending on resin type (large or small granules), varmala preservation may involve whole preservation or separating petals and pearls.

Resin Layering Process:

    • Expert Layering Technique: Skilled craftsmen delicately layer each element to ensure a flawless arrangement capturing varmala essence.
    • Micro Bubble Removal: Utilizing a heat gun, we eliminate micro bubbles for a crystal-clear finish.

Sanding for Perfection:

    • Achieving Smooth Finish: Precision sanding precedes final layering to ensure flawless surface.
    • Resin Cleanup: Meticulous removal of excess resin and imperfections enhances varmala appearance.

Final Resin Layering:

    • Lasting Impressions: The final resin layer captures intricate varmala details, preserving its beauty for eternity.

Quality Assurance:

    • Rigorous Inspection: Each varmala undergoes rigorous inspection to ensure perfection. Dust and imperfections are addressed through careful sanding and additional layers if necessary.

Triple Layer Packaging:

    • Ensuring Transit Protection: We prioritize varmala safety, employing a triple-layer packing process to ensure impeccable condition upon delivery.

Safe Nationwide Delivery:

    • Nationwide Reach: Whether in Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur, Hyderabad, Bangalore, or anywhere in India, we guarantee safe and timely varmala delivery.

Preserving your varmala with us transcends mere procedure; it’s an art that transforms your moments into timeless treasures. Trust Varmala Preservation personalized service in jai mala and garland preservation. Your varmala’s journey from inception to delivery reflects our commitment to excellence and your enduring celebration of love.

Crafting Tradition: Resin Varmala Preservation By Hand

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